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emergency rescue! ! !

At 4:50 a.m. on March 5, Yang Lin, the captain of the 15021 marine care boat in Guanghe Clamgang, received an emergency call from Yang Xianglin, the captain of the care team. The north wind in the early morning has reached level 6 or above, which is very dangerous for driving a speedboat to the sea for rescue. Captain Yang Lin was ordered in the face of danger, and he did not back down in the face of bad weather conditions. He forced the sling to lead the team members Yang Fan and Wu Guangan to Dajingzi Bridge in an emergency. rescue.

A picture to understand the production mobilization report of Panjin Photosynthetic Crab Industry Co., Ltd. in 2022

Report content: Review the work achievements in 2021, commend the advanced, sum up experience, analyze the problems and learn lessons; look forward to the business situation in 2022, clarify the goals and division of labor, discuss measures to overcome difficulties and complete tasks, and build the first year of company standardization , to prepare for the continuous advancement of the company's "14th Five-Year Plan" goals.

Helping and presenting sincere love and working together to help revitalize

The land area of the towns and streets in the west of Panshan occupies nearly a quarter of the whole city of Panjin. It is an important part of Panjin, an important ecological barrier, and it is also an area where the economic and social development of Panjin is relatively lagging behind. On April 5 this year, Zhang Chengzhong, secretary of the Panjin Municipal Party Committee, emphasized during his investigation in Yangquanzi Town, Panshan County, “Accelerating the breakthrough development of western towns and streets in Panshan County is the meaning of promoting the high-quality development of Panjin.”

Relying on the advantages of science and technology, increase support, and work together to build a leader in the construction of an international modern agricultural industry demonstration zone

On November 12, Yang Dong, Secretary of the District Party Committee, accompanied by relevant leaders of the district, conducted a field investigation on the photosynthetic crab industry focusing on "focusing on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the crab industry drives agricultural development, and assists rural revitalization".

Helping the revitalization and development of Sanzhen Street in the west of Panshan, the photosynthetic crab industry released 20,000 catties of high-quality crabs!

On October 28, the 2021 photosynthetic crab industry high-quality deduction crab release activity was successfully carried out in the Yangquanzi reed farm in Panshan County. A full 500 boxes of more than 20,000 kilograms of high-quality crabs hatched by the photosynthetic crab industry were put into the mainstream river with the promise and hope of the photohe people to "enrich the people and benefit the people", marking a successful conclusion for the release activities of the photosynthetic crab industry in 2021. .

Representatives of the first member of the ninth session of the Liaoning Fisheries Society gathered in Photosynthesis to imagine the future

A few days ago, the first member representative meeting of the 9th Liaoning Fisheries Society was held in the Wetland Science Museum of Panjin Photosynthetic Crab Industry Co., Ltd. Zhao Wenwu, Director of the Academic Exchange Office of the Chinese Fisheries Society, Zhu Yuhong, Member of the Leading Party Group and Vice Chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Li Yuchen, Member of the Leading Party Group and Vice President of the Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Fu Xin, Director of the Fisheries and Fisheries Administration of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Liu Yongsheng, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Civil Organization Administration, and other leading guests, Professor Chang Yaqing of Dalian Ocean University, researcher Sun Jianming of the Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zhao Wen of Dalian Ocean University and other domestic first-class experts and scholars in the field of marine aquatic products and marine economy gathered together. Study and formulate the development direction and work objectives of the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the Liaoning Fisheries Society, and actively provide suggestions for the progress of fishery science and technology and the modernization of fishery in our province.

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