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May 1st Special: A Tribute to the Most Beautiful Workers of Photosynthesis

It's the "May Day" again. "May 1st" International Labor Day is a holiday shared by working people all over the world. Gorky said that labor is the source of all joy and all good things in the world. The industrious and enterprising photosynthetic people have won one honor after another for Photosynthetic with hard work and sweat, and the most representative ones are "Model Worker" and "May 1st Labor Medal"!

Guanghe No. 1 crab hanging cage observation meeting ended successfully

In order to improve the credibility of photosynthetic crab fry products, we will strengthen the brand influence of photosynthetic crab in response to the recent malicious slander and doubts about photosynthetic crab fry's non-independent incubation and cultivation of false speeches. On May 1st, Photosynthetic Crab Industry held an observation meeting of "Photosynthetic Crab No. 1" in hanging cages. A total of 23 representatives of outstanding agents of photosynthetic crab fry from Panjin Yu attended the observation meeting.

Catch seed crabs~ Photosynthetic Crab Industry 2021 annual seed crab catch-up contest ended successfully

On April 29, Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. Delta "Guanghe No. 1" Crab Hatching Center held a unique breeding crab catching competition. The seed crab is the egg-carrying crab, which is the mother of our "Photosynthesis No. 1" crab treasure. A total of 13 players from Delta Branch and Liaohai Branch participated in this competition. After an hour of intense competition, Gao Shulin, a player from the Delta branch, won the first place, Han Xuewei, a player from the Liaohai branch, won the second place, and Luo Shuang, a player from the Delta branch, won the third place.

In 2020, the high-quality farmer aquatics training course in Dawa District officially opened

On April 24, the 2020 Dawa District High-Quality Farmers Aquatic Products Training Course sponsored by the Dawa District Agriculture and Rural Bureau was officially opened in the Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. - Hongtan Wetland Science Museum. 180 leaders of new agricultural business entities from across the region participated in the training.

Good News: Photosynthetic Crab Industry's First National May 1st Labor Medal is splendid!

Recently, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions announced the candidates (collectives) to be commended for the 2021 National May 1st Labor Award and the National Worker Pioneer. In the public list, Sun Na, a senior engineer at the R&D Center of Panjin Photosynthetic Crab Industry Co., Ltd., is on the list. This is the first National May 1st Labor Medal won by Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. since its establishment.

Photosynthetic ecological preparation application training activities ended successfully

On April 14, the "Training on Application of Ecological Agents" hosted by Panjin Photosynthetic Crab Industry Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the Red Beach Wetland Science Museum. Mr. Tian Xiangli from Ocean University of China, Mr. Mao Yuze from Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Mr. Lv Pengfei, General Manager of Yantai Chuanhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Mr. Lei Yanzhi, Mr. Tong, Mr. Jiang Yusheng from Dalian Ocean University, Mr. Jiang Hongbo from Shenyang Agricultural University , Mr. Li Xiaodong, Chairman of Photosynthetic Crab Industry, Mr. Ouyang Chaozheng, Party Building Instructor, leaders, technicians and key employees of photosynthetic production, R&D and sales, undergraduate interns and graduate students from Dalian Ocean University and Shenyang Agricultural University. A total of more than 60 people participated in the workshop. training activities.

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