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The R&D center of Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. In 2016, the company invested in expansion. The new R&D center was officially put into use in 2017.


At present, the R&D center has a wetland science museum, a research and development laboratory, a multi-functional training classroom, a food processing workshop, and a living experiment workshop. It is a research and development platform that perfectly combines teaching and practice. The construction area is 26,000 square meters (it is also the popular science experience area of Xia Village), the pilot plant is 10,000 square meters, the pond and breeding paddy field is 200 hectares, of which the scientific research laboratory area is 2,000 square meters, and there are genetic breeding laboratories, molecular genetic laboratories, water Chemical laboratory, aquatic biology laboratory, aquatic organism disease research laboratory, aquatic animal nutrition research laboratory and other laboratories; all scientific research facilities can accommodate 120 researchers for research and teaching at the same time. The experimental equipment is equipped with advanced detection equipment such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, electronic analytical balance, dissolved oxygen meter, acidity meter, COD meter, illuminance meter, super constant temperature water bath, biochemical incubator, high-speed centrifuge, Drying oven, advanced microscope, PCR amplification instrument, electrophoresis instrument, gel imaging system, sterile operating table, pure water machine, high-speed, ultra-fast refrigerated centrifuge, fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, high-performance liquid chromatography and other experimental equipment. There are 3 full-time professor-level senior engineers, 5 senior engineers and 25 engineers. It has been approved as the National and Local Joint Innovation Key Engineering Laboratory, the National Genetics and Breeding Center of Chinese Eriocheir Crab, and the Engineering Technology Research Center of Liaoning Province. The company has signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Life Science of Ocean University of China, Dalian Ocean University, and Shenyang Agricultural University, realizing long-term strategic cooperation.

The R&D center has long been committed to the research and promotion of basic biology of river crabs, new species cultivation, seed production technology and integrated rice-fishing breeding model, and has also developed special aquatic animals in wetlands such as clams, jellyfish, gobies, and Chinese small long-armed shrimp. Pioneering work has been done in development, utilization and conservation.

In the long-term scientific research work, he has successively participated in the National 863 Project, the 12th Five-Year Science and Technology Support Project, and the Blue Granary Project, undertaken a number of major scientific and technological research projects in Liaoning Province and key research projects in Panjin City, and achieved a series of domestic leading scientific research. results.

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