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The on-site teaching point of the Party School of Panjin Municipal Committee (the special lecture "Rooted in fertile soil to prosper and enrich the people" won the third prize (certificate).

Focusing on modern agricultural industry models such as rice and fishery comprehensive planting and breeding, we introduced to you through graphic exhibitions, on-site observations and special reports. Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. is guided by enterprise party building, driven by scientific research and development, and produced The mission of ecological quality products is to benefit thousands of households. It has been rooted in the front line of agricultural scientific research and production for 30 years, expanding the development of the crab industry, and leading farmers to increase their income and become rich. The on-site special report "Rooted in fertile soil, prosperous and enriched the people" will be listed as a good course for on-site teaching of cadre education and training in Liaoning Province in 2020.


Rooted in fertile soil  Prosperity and prosperity

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