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Wolong Lake

Wolong Lake is a unique wetland water area in the Red Beach Wetland Science Museum Tourist Resort. It is closely connected with the Red Beach National Scenic Corridor. The water surface is nearly 2,000 mu, and each branch canal stretches for 5 kilometers. There are a total of 8 cruise ships at Wolong Lake Wharf, which can receive 88 people at the same time, and the maximum daily reception is more than 2,100 people. Looking up, you will see wild ducks, geese, and some rare birds, and if you are lucky, you will also encounter red-crowned cranes.

The comfort of Wolong Lake is not only to enjoy the scenery by boat, but also to experience the leisure and ease of fishing.

The lake area has a beautiful environment and unique water quality. In addition, no bait is fed to maintain the most primitive water environment. It is quite magical that seawater and freshwater fish species coexist. Gradually, a special biological population - Wolong Lake Reservoir Fish was born. The marine fish here include perch, barracuda and other species. Freshwater fish include fat head, carp, grass carp, etc. Wolong Lake is windy in four seasons, and the fish is full of elasticity. The output is not much, but the taste is unique and the entrance is fragrant. There is a feeling of "this fish is served with a hundred flavors".

The freshness of the river and sea has made the excellent ingredients for the "Crab Rice Home" restaurant, and it also allows us to truly appreciate the rich gifts of nature, bringing us delicious tastes on the tip of our tongues. There are crab tofu, steamed eggs with clams, pan-fried river knives, fried shallots with river prawns, and fat big crabs!

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