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Guanghe Science and Agriculture Beneficial Service Center is a department of Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. which mainly focuses on aquatic technology services. It is a systematic project to maximize the interests of farmers. The service center is backed by the company's technology research and development center, and is equipped with a skilled technical service team. Network connection system with Dalian Ocean University Disease Detection Center: Professor Lei Yanzhi, a well-known national expert on aquaculture environment, Professor Li Yonghan, a national well-known expert in aquatic biology, and Associate Professor Ye Shigen of Dalian Ocean University. Popular Science Beneficial Agricultural Service Center has built four major sections: sales of high-quality aquatic fry and seed (fry and seed of famous and special aquatic products such as crab fry, shrimp fry, jellyfish, shellfish, etc.); popular science testing and diagnosis system (such as water quality testing, aquatic biological analysis) , drug susceptibility test, quantitative separation of harmful bacteria and other high-end aquatic technology testing); aquatic food and drug sales (to guide farmers to rationally use drugs in accordance with national drug inspection standards to achieve an ecological and environmentally friendly breeding system); publicize the rice field crab breeding model and provide customers with effective breeding technology with experience. The business of Kophui Nong Station covers Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places, the construction of business network in Shandong and other places, and the strength of joint service stations and distribution chain stores in Panjin and surrounding cities. There are 2 sets of popular science and agricultural service mobile vehicles, which mainly provide convenient and thoughtful technical guidance and services for farmers before seedling placement, during production and after production; provide farmers with new varieties and new technologies obtained through scientific and technological innovation. and high-quality seed, help plan breeding programs during the breeding process, provide the cheapest and best aquatic medicines and bait, and provide a platform for farmers to exchange information.

The popular science and agriculture service center adopts a variety of service methods, improves various functions, and uses the advantages of fast and convenient communication on the network to provide services. Video guidance and experience exchange can be achieved; in line with the principle of "practical, practical, and effective", experts are hired to provide targeted training to service center employees and farmers; SMS exchanges and technical guidance are provided to farmers through the mobile information platform; Establish a farmer's home to provide a place for market information, exchange of experience, technological innovation, and mutual learning.

The service center of science benefiting farmers shoulders the company's mission of "producing ecological quality products, benefiting thousands of households", adhering to the business philosophy of "popularizing farmers, serving first", pioneering and innovative, honest and trustworthy, and providing high-quality products for the company's vision Technical service" and work hard!

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