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Unblock the production guarantee channel to help enterprises resume work and production - the

At noon on April 2, a heavy transport vehicle with Shandong license plate loaded with the "parents" of Chinese prawns successfully entered the Delta Branch of the Photosynthetic Crab Industry. With the arrival of the transport vehicle, Liu Fu, the manager of the Delta branch, finally let go of his hanging heart.

Safety production is more important than Mount Tai, and efforts to build a safe production line of defense

"People's lives are at stake, and preventive measures are in place"! Safety is the foundation of all work and the lifeline of the company's healthy development. On March 26, Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. held the 2022 annual safety production training meeting.

Build a green channel to solve the urgent needs of crab farmers

As a big market for crab fry production, Panjin City sells nearly 12,000 tons of crabs every spring, mainly to Xinjiang, Ningxia, Jilin and other places. Since some areas need to provide the quarantine certificate of the origin of aquatic fry and seeds, since the beginning of the year, after the active coordination of the Panjin Fishery Service Center, it was decided that the Liaoning Aquatic Technology Promotion Station (Dalian) will test the crab in our city and issue a test report. Hold the report and go to the Municipal Fishery Service Center to apply for a quarantine certificate for the origin of aquatic fry and seeds.

Emergency Rescue - Freshwater Vehicle in Distress

A game of power; a battle against time; a rescue operation to protect production materials, which opened the curtain against the biting cold wind. At 6:40 on February 27, 2022, a rush of phone ringing broke the calm of the 15022 sea care ship in Guanghe Clam Gang. A fresh water supply vehicle fell into the water at the outfitting pier located 10 kilometers south of Erjiegou and adjacent to Panjin Port. , urgently in need of rescue. 15022 Guarding Captain Li Ming immediately deployed urgently, leading crew members Lu Hongbin, Ye Xingjiao, Zhang Zhiqiang, Gao Jing, and Xing Hong to set sail immediately to the scene of the incident.

Cultivate a new team of professional farmers and create a dream position for farmers to start a business

On February 28, the Central Agricultural Radio and Television School and the Farmers' Science and Technology Education and Training Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs jointly issued the "Central Agricultural Radio and Television School (Farmers' Science and Technology Education and Training Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) on the announcement of the list of the first batch of shared farmers' field schools in the country. ", Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. won the honor of the first batch of national shared farmer field schools!

Promote agriculture through science and technology and promote agriculture through quality - photosynthetic crab industry comprehensively strengthens the construction of standardization system

On February 22, the No. 1 document of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, "The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Doing a Good Job in Comprehensively Promoting the Key Work of Rural Revitalization in 2022" was officially released.

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