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The history of photosynthesis is a history of continuous development and innovation.

The wind and waves are trained, it must be a fine product;

Big waves wash away the sand, and photosynthesis rises.

Panjin River Crab chose Li Xiaodong, thus laying a solid foundation for the rapid and healthy development of Panjin and even the country's river crab industry; Li Xiaodong chose photosynthesis, and the development of photosynthesis was thus able to take off.

Li Xiaodong's lofty career and sense of social responsibility have driven one party's soil and water and benefited thousands of households;

The urgent sense of mission in Li Xiaodong's heart drives "Photosynthesis No. 1" to ride the dust on the road of innovation!

Li Xiaodong used his hard work, diligence and research to drive the continuous pursuit of Guanghe people to develop and innovate;

Li Xiaodong used his impartiality, tolerance and self-discipline to bring out a vigorous and positive photosynthetic team.

Let us all walk into different positions and experience the moving style of hard work and self-improvement of outstanding employee representatives of all levels from different perspectives.

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