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Hard working and never complaining

——Evaluation of Liu Fengliang's work by employees and leaders of Delta Branch

Liu Fengliang, born in 1977, 45 years old, joined the company in April 2006 and has been working in the Delta branch for 15 years. In the 9 years from 2012 to the present, 3 years were rated as model workers, and 6 years were rated as outstanding employees. His advanced deeds and behaviors are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Able to endure hardship, not afraid of getting dirty or tired. Dirty and tiring jobs are rushing to do, and any hard work can't beat him. In recent years, the salinity of seawater has been relatively low, and every year he has to pump water on top of the ice in winter. Whether it is winter or spring, he must be the first to wear a diving suit. The seawater is cold and biting. complained.

2. Strong work initiative. He can take the initiative to complete every task assigned by the leader, regardless of whether the leader is present or not, he does the same work without the leader watching. Every job can overfulfill the task, and if others can't complete it, he has to help. When the workload is dissatisfied, I have to find some work to do, such as the work of pouring the net bag into the water, some people go to rest after pouring the net bag, and he also has to fish for the weeds on the waterline.

3. Work carefully and earnestly. Remember that the leader arranged for him to inspect Wolong Lake during the day to check for signs of theft. For ordinary people, they just walk around and take a look. On the surface, they can't find the problem at all, but Liu Fengliang found that the fish thief covered the ice eye with snow. After finding the situation, he immediately reported to the manager when he came back. The manager immediately arranged for people to strengthen the night shift care, preventing a theft and saving more than 10,000 yuan of economic losses.

4. Be good at using brains at work, and put forward many reasonable suggestions. During the production of ecological crab seedlings, applying chicken manure to the rotifer ponds was a relatively large task. It used to be a small pit in each pond. The chicken manure was flushed with a pump. Moving the pump and the rack pump took up a large part of the working time. , he suggested that it is better to pile the chicken manure into large piles and transport it with a mud pipe belt. Later we all adopted this approach. On the improvement of other working methods, some good suggestions were also put forward in time.

5. High awareness of cost control. When assigning work and employing people, he never needs more than one person for the work he can do, and the people who are saved can be arranged for other work, saving costs and improving work efficiency.

6. Don't care about personal gains and losses. Every year when he solicits opinions on the distribution of bonuses, he has little or no opinion.

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