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Down-to-earth and rooted in aquatic products
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Down-to-earth and rooted in aquatic products

Li Jishan's passion for aquatic products in Dongying subsidiary

Li Jishan, born in 1990, 31 years old, studied at Qingdao Agricultural University, and joined Guanghe after graduating in 2015. With his passion to make a career in the aquatic industry, down-to-earth and diligent work, he worked hard in Dongying subsidiary. It's 6 years in one go.

Today's college students can be down-to-earth in the production line, and few are conscientious and hard-working, but Li Jishan, a young man, used his perseverance and tenacious fighting spirit to stay in the production line solidly. Kenli's subsidiary has few employees. He takes the lead in doing everything in his work, and rushes to do it. No matter if the work needs to be done during the day or night, he is always the first to rush to the front. During the production process of sea cucumber seedlings in 2018, in order not to affect the production operation during the day, it was proposed to feed the bait in advance in the morning. Every morning at 4:30, the workers were led to cast the bait, and the bait of the sea cucumber seedlings in the workshop was finished before breakfast. For months, I did not take a day off, nor did I go home to visit my wife, children, and children.

In the winter of 2020, the transformation project of the ginseng circle was urgent. In extremely cold weather, he stood outside every day and directed excavators and bulldozers to transform the ginseng circle until the early Spring Festival. As soon as the Chinese New Year was over, I completed the reef building tasks of the No. 1 and No. 5 circles with the reef builders, followed by pumping and adding water during the day and night for more than 10 hours a day. complain.

In 2021, Li Jishan was appointed as the deputy manager of the Dongying subsidiary. He took up heavy responsibilities without hesitation. With few personnel, he had to work every day and night, and he also took care of arranging external outreach and other work. In order for sea cucumbers to successfully spend the summer, they must pump the tide every night before the high temperature, sometimes until dawn, and then continue to check the shrimp feed during the day, feed the shrimp, and watch the shrimp in the middle of the night. When I was selling shrimps, I went off the Internet every day, and then drove to sell. I slept for a few hours a day. I did this for more than a month, and I was still happily busy every day.

Li Jishan is diligent and down-to-earth in his ordinary work position, which is his truest portrayal. Although there will always be some ups and downs at work, he always takes a serious work attitude and constantly explores his potential. Over the years, because of his diligence and dedication, he always thinks about the company and plays an exemplary and leading role in everything. Get everyone's unanimous praise.

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