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Guanghe Monthly Issue 40


Innovation drives development

The concept of innovation is to create something that did not exist in the past. The embodiment of innovative thinking is not to follow the old traditions and think about change every day. Some of our production processes have changed, and every step of the company's development is innovation. Looking back on the development history of Photosynthesis, it is a history of technological innovation.

●The birth of ecological seedlings in earthen ponds.In the late 1990s, the company put the remaining seed crabs into the outdoor earthen pond after meeting the seed crabs for indoor seedlings. By feeding the rotifers cultivated by Mr . Li Yonghan, the crab seedlings became strong. growing up. The survival rate of crab seedlings is much higher than that of indoor seedlings, which is recognized by farmers. The earth pond ecological nursery was born. Since 1999, the company has all entered the ecological seedling breeding model. Now, the unit yield of crab seedlings has increased from a few catties/mu to 300 catties/mu, and new methods can be used to solve new problems every year.

● Desalination of outdoor earth ponds for crab seedlings in earth ponds opens a new situation for desalination. Before 2009, the indoor desalination model for outdoor seedlings has been adopted. There were too many crab fry, and the net cage could not fit in the desalination, so I put the remaining crab fry in row 10, No. 3, installed a waterwheel type aerator, and adjusted the water intake and drainage with a water pump. The quality of the crab fry was very good. It was implemented in 2011. The outdoor earthen pond desalinates crab seedlings, and the outdoor desalination model emerges as the times require.

● Photosynthetic No. 1 seed passed the national acceptance. Beginning in 2000, the chairman of the company saw the degradation of the river crab seed resources and began to study new varieties of river crabs. He specially hired Mr. Ma Dayong, a Norwegian breeding expert, as a guide to collect river crabs from various water systems in the north and south of China to form hundreds of families. The selection and breeding of new species of river crabs, after more than ten years of painstaking research, was approved by the National Quality Breeds Committee in 2012. The seedlings of Guanghe No. 1 became the company's flagship product, and farmers scrambled to order them, opening up a new situation of seed sales. .

● The establishment of the Science and Technology R&D Center has set off a new chapter of technological innovation. In 2005, the fourth floor of the old R&D center was completed and put into use. The main function of this building is science and technology research and development, and it is to be built into the largest aquatic science and technology research and development center in Northeast China, where Guanghe No. 1 was born. The establishment of this center has attracted many colleges and universities to cooperate and provide a stage for scientific research work for many schools.

● The completion of the Red Beach Wetland Science Museum building has enhanced the image and status of the company. It was put into use in 2018. In addition to the functions of a science and technology museum, the building also provides training and office functions, and is equipped with a complete hotel functional area, which provides logistical support for the development of training work. Various honors have come one after another, and the brand image of the company has been improved in a straight line.

The improvement of rotifer culture technology; the use of large-scale circulation methods; the increase in the density of seedlings in crab ponds; the increase in the breeding density and seed specifications of white shrimp; is the result of technological innovation. It is with these tireless innovative spirits that the company can move forward steadily, remain invincible, and provide support for the company's development.

Delta: Liu Fu


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