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Create a working atmosphere to welcome the photosynthetic standardization year
2022/04/05 Click:106second

In order to carry out enterprise standardization work and create a good standardization work atmosphere, on the afternoon of March 1, the Standardization Leading Group Office of Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd. held the first enterprise standardization training meeting in 2022. Chairman Li Xiaodong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, Chai Yongqing, Director of the Office of the Standardization Leading Group and Chief Standard Officer of the company, explained and trained on the company's standardization activities in 2022. And interpret GB/T-35778-2017 "Enterprise Standardization Work Guide" in detail. In 2022, the company will build an enterprise standard system and release, implement, and operate it, aiming to improve the company's overall management quality and promote common benefits. The current main work: mobilize all employees of the company to participate in the company's standardization work, sort out the responsibilities according to the actual situation of each post, and supplement the relevant work content with quantifiable and assessable work standard terms. "Being excellent" standard system, "doing solid" standard implementation, and "strengthening" the talent team. Lay a solid foundation for improving the overall management level of the company.

Chairman Li Xiaodong said that President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to standardization work. As an important measure to achieve 2025 Made in China, Photohe has formulated a strategic plan for medium and long-term development, improving the level of enterprise management, improving the overall performance of the company, and improving the happiness index of employees. Closely related to the standardization work, photosynthesis to promote the standardization work is an important work that must be carried out. It is proposed that 2022 be the first year of standardization of the photosynthetic crab industry.

The chairman's speech reflects the company's leadership attaches great importance to the standardization work, which makes the company's standardization work group and all employees energized and strengthened their confidence, and will also play a role in promoting the smooth development of the company's standardization work.

Members of the company's standardization leading group, heads of relevant departments and employees attended the meeting.

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