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Seeking Development Together and Promoting Harmony Together - Panjin Coastal Police Bureau in-depth visit and research on the photosynthetic crab industry
2022/04/05 Click:104second

In the spring of March, everything recovers. On the morning of March 1, Qiao Yanjie, director of the Panjin Coastal Police Bureau, and his party conducted a field investigation on the photosynthetic crab industry focusing on "co-construction and coordinated development by both parties". Full exchanges and discussions were held on issues such as joint efforts to build development and promote stability.

During the investigation, Chairman Li Xiaodong gave a detailed introduction to the specific situation of Clam Post since it was contracted by the county government to the photosynthetic company in 2010. At the same time, in recent years, Clam Gang has insisted on focusing on ecological environmental protection and resource restoration, introduced high-end technical talents, and focused on the core work of giving full play to the kidney function of Clam Gang New Earth to make substantial contributions to the dual-carbon project, vigorously promoting the release of benthic shellfish and The topics of increasing breeding, scientific harvesting and management, and the construction of modern "marine ranch" based on digital intelligence have been comprehensively interpreted. Through years of unremitting efforts, the income of Clam Gang employees has been significantly improved, and the happiness of employees has been greatly improved. Thanks for the effort.

While Clam Hill is developing steadily, the difficulties and problems it faces are becoming increasingly prominent. Issues such as maritime safety, fishing gear development, and harvesting strategies that combine ecological protection and stable economic benefits have brought new challenges to the next operation of Clam Hill. Chairman Li Xiaodong made a statement to Director Qiao on the problems and difficulties faced by Clam Gang.

Director Qiao said that from legal popularization to law enforcement, from control to service, the Panjin Maritime Police Station regards the maintenance of the safety and stability of the maritime jurisdiction as a direct starting point for serving local economic development, effectively helping enterprises solve problems, and severely cracking down on maritime illegal and criminal acts. Continue to implement sea-land linkage to maintain the order of fishery production. By dispatching ships to conduct grid-based uninterrupted sea patrols, and law enforcement officers to conduct irregular land inspections of ports, docks, and berthing points, the order of fishery production in the jurisdiction will be effectively maintained. Through a collaborative management and control mechanism, crack down on rectification of illegal acts. Carry out law enforcement cooperation with 10 sea-related departments including the resident public security department. On the basis of clarifying the division of jurisdiction and strengthening information sharing, a cooperation mechanism has been formed, and the joint force of management and control has been further strengthened.

Director Qiao emphasized that the steady development of an enterprise is inseparable from good leaders and good employees who stick to their beliefs. Since the company took over Clam Mound, the company has made great contributions to the restoration of Clam Mound resources and the balance of ecological species. The photosynthetic Clam Mound Sea Care Team has won the praise of the local party committee, government and the people for its rescue of fishermen and drowning people over the years. , to ensure the safety and stability of the sea area of Clam Hill.

This survey further enhanced the cooperation and empathy of the two parties, and provided assistance for promoting the safe and stable development of Clam Post and maintaining the production order in the jurisdiction. Photosynthesis will continue to be driven by the full restoration and rational development of the marine ecological resources of Clam Hill, and contribute to the implementation of the ecological "double kidney" protection project of the northernmost coastline in China.

The leaders who participated in this survey included Chen Yaokun, captain of the Law Enforcement Team of the Coast Guard Bureau. Li Xiaodong, chairman of Guanghe Crab Industry, Bai Yongan, vice chairman, and heads of various positions of Guanghe Clam Gang Company accompanied the investigation.

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