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Guanghe No. 1 crab hanging cage observation meeting ended successfully
2022/05/02 Click:2982second

In order to improve the credibility of the photosynthetic crab fry products and strengthen the brand influence of the photosynthetic crab, on May 1, the photosynthetic crab industry held the "Photosynthetic No. 1" crab cage observation meeting. Han Yinglin, secretary-general of the Panjin River Crab Industry Alliance, and the excellent photosynthetic crab fry in the Panjin area Representatives of agents and farmers participated in the observation meeting.

Under the leadership of Ma Min, the general manager of the Guanghe Science and Technology Benefiting Agriculture Service Center, the agents and farmers representatives respectively conducted the research on the "Guanghe No. 1" crab breeding workshop, the "Guanghe No. The process of hanging crabs in the cage was observed on the spot. Manager Ma Min gave an on-the-spot explanation and introduced popular science and preventive measures on issues such as milk diseases that farmers are more concerned about.

Visit the "Guanghe No. 1" crab breeding workshop

Visit the "Guanghe No. 1" river crab breeding experimental field

Visit the rice-fishing integrated planting and breeding model field

"Photosynthesis No. 1" Crab

"Guanghe No. 1" Crab Hanging Cage

The successful holding of this observation meeting further enhanced farmers' confidence in the sales of "Photosynthesis No. 1" seed and their recognition of the company's strong production strength. Since 2000, the photosynthetic crab industry science and technology research and development center has used the river crab germplasm resources of different geographical populations to form a basic group to carry out breeding work. Using 660 mu of paddy fields every year, more than 200 breeding groups are established. After 12 years of breeding time and 6 generations of continuous group breeding, the river crab variety "Guanghe No. 1" was obtained in 2011. Intellectual property rights, it has become the first new species of Chinese crabs suitable for breeding in the northern region.


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