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The national quota recruitment for the 2nd Ocean Covenant Elite Student Summer Camp has begun!
2019/06/25 Click:265second

The national quota recruitment of the 2nd "Ocean Covenant" Elite Student Summer Camp has begun!

Here the high tide is the sea, and the low tide is the beach

The clams are full of clams here and the scenery is beautiful

As the sun sets in the west, it is a feast of golden sea light from a distance

The sea water echoes with the fishing boats returning from fishing and clams in the distance

Under the west sea at sunset, the ship returns to the harbor

Here is the 180,000-mu Bohai Golden Beach---Photosynthetic Clam Hill

In order to enrich the vacation life of marine students and broaden their academic horizons, the Wetland Science Museum of Panjin Photosynthetic Crab Industry Co., Ltd. launched the second "Ocean Covenant" summer camp for marine elite students.

About photosynthesis

Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Company is a college student entrepreneurial team composed of aquatic elites from all over the country. It is located in the Liaohe Delta Wetland of Panjin City, Liaoning Province, adjacent to the national 5A-level scenic spot---Red Beach National Scenic Corridor. The Red Beach Wetland Science Museum and the Jellyfish Experience Museum are two tourist attractions. It is a private science and technology enterprise that integrates the production, breeding, processing, sales, scientific research and tourism of aquatic fry and seed with the whole industry chain management. The company's R&D center was established in 2005. It undertakes the crab breeding project of the National 863 Project and the 12th Five-Year Science and Technology Support Project, as well as a number of major scientific and technological research projects in Liaoning Province and key research projects in Panjin City. It is the national river crab genetics and breeding center.

The Ocean Elite Student Summer Camp is based on the investigation and research on the marine tidal flat resources of Clam Hill, allowing campers to learn general marine knowledge, experience the rich marine culture, appreciate the most beautiful beach scenery, taste delicious seafood, and experience the fun of team activities. The famous teacher lectures teach you how to walk into the ocean, understand the ocean, and interpret the ocean. More than 600 kinds of plankton specimens, all in the photosynthesis laboratory. Picking up shellfish on the beach, popular science investigation, in the endless scenery.

Where the sea meets the sky

We will be all in the natural situation

Learn to communicate and dialogue deeply with the sea and nature

in different experiences

Find a different learning and growth password

Summer camp schedule

Fall in love with photosynthesis (the day we met)

Check-in, Check-in, Camp Opening Ceremony

Visit the Red Beach Wetland Science Museum,

Exploring the Dream Jellyfish Experience Hall

In love with popular science (a day of exploration)

Expert professors give lectures on marine biology and survey knowledge

Dedicated to Experimentation (Practice Day)

Conducting marine plankton specimens in the laboratory

discriminating learning

Passionate about the beach (full week)

go to sea by boat,

Survey of marine shellfish stocks at Clam Hill Beach

Love in Culture (A Day of Harvest)

Each investigation team conducts a closing report

Issuance of the closing certificate

summer camp bonfire party

Cherish love in parting (a day of friendship)

Group photo, leave the camp

This summer, let's put down our mobile phones, let's throw off our iPads,

Open your mind and head to Clam Hill for a journey of discovery in the wider world!

one Recruitment target and number of people

(1) Undergraduates majoring in marine biology and aquaculture in national marine and aquatic colleges and universities.

(2) Number of people to be recruited: 20

(3) Registration time:

June 25 to July 15, 2019

Camp hours:

20 July to 5 August 2019

two Application Conditions

(1) Have a strong interest in aquaculture or marine science and be interested in research work.

(2) Physically and mentally healthy, cheerful and helpful.

three Application materials

1. A personal introduction (about 200 words)

2. Academic transcripts during the undergraduate period, and proof materials for participating in social or school club activities

Four Expense Arrangement

(1) The round-trip transportation costs (train tickets, bus tickets, etc.) and room and board during the summer camp are provided by Panjin Guanghe Crab Industry Co., Ltd.

Five, excellent campers

Those who perform well during the summer camp will be selected as outstanding campers and receive summer camp scholarships.


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